Building Rehabilitation – Everything You Should Know

When we think of a house or building in which we want to invest, we often think of building from scratch. If, on the one hand, a new building brings with it some beneficial and interesting factors, on the other hand, there has been a greater concern in acquiring old buildings for rehabilitation.

Through good planning and professional monitoring, you can choose to give a new life to what could be your new space.

If you’re not sure, find out here the pros and cons of rehabilitating abandoned buildings.

Do you want the good news or the bad first? We believe that the advantages associated with architectural rehabilitation are far superior to the negatives, and that is why we start with the best:

  • Unique buildings: Due to its picturesque and characteristic character, opting for the rehabilitation of a building allows you to build something unique and adapted to your vision, without pre-established shapes and the possibility of another equal.
  • A building with quality: A property with so many years demonstrates its quality. Choose the rehabilitation of a building if you are looking to add new “clothing” to a space with quality construction.
  • Architectural rehabilitation is cheaper: As it is a rehabilitation and not a construction from scratch, the investment required tends to be less than that of new construction.
  • Simplified processes: The Government adopted new measures that provide for the simplification of procedures and eliminate obstacles, encouraging urban rehabilitation.
  • And has financial support. Since you are looking to carry out the rehabilitation of a building, there is financial support you can use to have the house of your dreams.

On the other hand, in the negative case – and we will speak in such a way that you are aware of all the points – what you will find are financial and time issues.

If you choose to purchase a building to rehabilitate, consider the following aspects:

  • Not ready to live: Since you are carrying out rehabilitation work, it needs to be completed so that you can inhabit it.
  • Managing your budget: Houses with history bring “hidden memories”. There may be some kind of extra expense that you are not aware of.
  • Style limitations: What may be the charm for some in rehabilitation works may be drama for others. Therefore, be aware that there are limitations when carrying out an architectural rehabilitation.

We believe that each house has a life and that this can be linked to yours. Know that Castro Group has a team prepared to help with the rehabilitation of the building you have acquired or are thinking about acquiring.

Castro Group

See our rehabilitation work on Project Av. 31 de Janeiro.


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