Minimum technical requirements for building’s refurbishment

Talking about the building’s refurbishment is also talking about the restoration of the minimum conditions and basic needs of life in a property.

If you are looking to rehabilitate a space in Portugal, know that it requires minimal technical requirements so that it can be put into practice.

Since 2014, urban rehabilitation in Portugal has become “easier”. Although a careful and attentive analysis of the conditions required for this purpose remains necessary.

The building’s refurbishment is, according to (i) of Article 2 of Decree-Law no. 307/2009)3 “the form of intervention aimed at providing adequate functional, structural and safety characteristics and constructively to one or more buildings, to functionally adjacent constructions incorporated in its street, as well as to fractions that may be integrated into that building, or to grant them new functional skills, determined according to the urban rehabilitation options pursued, with a view to allowing new uses or the same use with higher performance standards, which may comprise one or more urban operations”.

What laws are refurbishment free from?


Thus, and despite knowing that “interventions in existing buildings cannot reduce the safety and health conditions of the building nor the structural and seismic safety”, the fact is that there is no need to maintain the minimum pre-defined areas and the room’s height, giving space for greater creativity and comfort when carrying out the refurbishment.

Also, due to the nature of the buildings, there is a waiver related to accessibility, acoustic requirements, energy efficiency and thermal quality, gas installations, and telecommunications infrastructure.

Since safety and compliance with the basic principles of coexistence in housing are not forgotten at all, this exemption regarding the rehabilitation of buildings is linked to the need to promote the urban refurbishment of existing constructions, rather than new constructions.


Advantages of Refurbishment


  • Bring populations back to the historic spaces of cities;
  • Reduce the average cost of constructions;
  • Tax benefits;
  • Preservation and conservation of the architectural and historical heritage;
  • Enjoy the charm of a restored property and green spaces, usually larger.


If you are looking to learn more about building refurbishment, know that there is a regime that safeguards some of the minimum building requirements. Know everything about the Regime Excecional de Reabilitação Urbana.

If this is not clear, please contact us. At Castro Group, we are masters in building refurbishment and we want your property to have a new lease of life.

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