Avenida 31 de Janeiro

Offices - Braga - 2020

On 31 st January Avenue in Braga, we embraced a project to rehabilitate an old building of the 20th century. Considering its details and the story of each architectural particularity, we choose this place to be the future headquarters of Castro Group. Passionate about its architectural details, we have chosen this place to be the future headquarters of Castro Group. To the history surrounding the building, we will add our history of over 50 years of experience. This will be the space that will inspire us to create a future of excellence.


The appreciation for the past as a strategy for designing the future strengthens the bonds that bind us to space and bear witness of a living era. Giving new life to architectural heritage represents a significant milestone for the city. That is how we have been able to bring the weight of history to the present and take from it the best it has to offer.

Preserving the past, building the future

The architectural design of Castro Group's headquarters sets itself as an ambitious project, with respect and appreciation for the past. Values such as authenticity, integrity and reversibility have been observed both at the project level and during the works; therefore, the choice has been to benefit the inherent character of existing, looking for an adequate articulation between new and existing.

Preserving the past, building the future
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