Castro Group has a WELL Accredited Professional (AP)

Castro Group now has a WELL AP (Accredited Professional), considered the first certification in the world focused exclusively on human health and well-being. This certification, which considers people at the centre of building design, construction and use, is managed by the International WELL Building Institute and certified by the US Green Building Council.


WELL certification evaluates 11 different areas that measure air, water and lighting quality and encourages the creation of spaces, strategies and policies to improve our mental, physical, and nutritional health and sense of community.

The certificate is obtained by completing an exam developed by a diverse network of experts in construction, health and well-being, complying with strict GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.) criteria. Differentiate themselves in the real estate industry and have access to learning opportunities with leaders in the field.


Fernanda Zelaya, Head of Sustainability of the Castro Group Sustainability Department, completed this training and thus joined a restricted group of WELL AP professionals in Portugal.

This achievement reflects one of Castro Group’s main objectives: that all the projects we develop are certified within the scope of sustainability as proof of our commitment to environmental and human responsibility.

We believe that having the know-how “in-house” allows us to manage better projects where we aim for certifications and involve the entire team from the beginning. “The creation of buildings and spaces that focus on the physical and emotional well-being of the occupants leads to the transformation of communities where more productive, healthier and happier people live”, says Fernanda Zelaya.


This certification joins the LEED AP certification, with a speciality in Building Design + Construction (BD+C), which demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the LEED certification system and the ability to actively participate in the certification process for green buildings and communities.

The Group’s projects, such as FUSE VALLEY and SPARK Matosinhos, are being designed from the design phases with very ambitious sustainability and technology objectives, and this achievement is another step forward on this path.

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