10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Bridges

Since the beginning of civilization that the bridges have proved their importance as regards the approach areas and cutting distances. However, other values are raised, namely architecture. Forms and structures that can withstand a high road and rail weight, do not leave anyone indifferent. In this sense, we highlight the 10 World’s Most Beautiful Bridges.

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10. Hangzhou Bay Bridge (China)

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This road bridge crosses Hangzhou Bay on the east coast of China and is currently considered the world’s 4th largest with a length of 36 kilometers. With its construction was possible to reduce the distance between the connection of two cities: Shanghai and Ningbo. Without its existence, the population would take about 3 hours to move between these locations.

The bridge has 6 transit routes. The work began on June 8, 2003, and ended on June 26, 2007. The opening date occurred on May 1, 2008.


9. Seven Mile Bridge (USA)

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This bridge is located in Monroe County in Flórida and connects Knight’s Key to Little Duck Key, in the southern tip of this state. 30 kilometers long, it offers a magnificent view of the Gulf of Mexico and the Bay of Florida. There are two bridges in this location: a more modern one open only to vehicle traffic and an older one, available for pedestrians and cyclists. Inaugurated on May 24, 1982, had a higher cost of construction to 45 million dollars.


8. Nanpu Bridge (China)

World's Most Beautiful Bridges

The images speak for themselves. It is considered one of the busiest bridges in the world, receiving around 140 thousand vehicles per day. It has a circular shape, justified by the need to reduce traffic and increase the durability of the bridge. The Nanpu Bridge connects the cities of PuDomng and PuXi, passing over one of the most emblematic rivers in the country.


7. Millau Viaduct (France)

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Millau Viaduct is an imposing cable-stayed bridge that improved the crossing of the Tarn River valley, near Millau, in southeastern France. Construction started on October 16, 2001, with work ending on December 14, 2004. It has a total length of 2,460 meters, having been designed by the English architect Norman Foster and the French engineer specialized in Michel bridges Virlogeux. It is 343 meters high.


6. Golden Gate Bridge (USA)

World's Most Beautiful Bridges

It is one of the World’s Most Beautiful Bridges and, at the same time, impressive. Located in San Francisco, in the United States, it is not distinguished by any landmark in terms of length or height, but by its design and colors (modern for the time). The beginning of its construction occurred in January 1933, and its opening happened on May 27, 1937.

There is the association of the 25 de Abril Bridge with the Golden Gate, given the fact that both have the same suspension bridge architecture and, equally, the same color.


5. Henderson Waves (Singapore)

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This is a pedestrian bridge in Singapore which has 270 meters in length. It stands out above all for its “wave” shape, connecting Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park. Your coating also stands out in that it uses a type of wood denser only available in Southeast Asia.

Inside, there are spaces suitable for visitors to socialize or rest, as well as shell-shaped benches.


4. Magdeburg Water Bridge (Germany)

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We have already mentioned pedestrian and road bridges, and now we highlight an aquatic bridge. Yes, it is true. In Germany, an aquatic bridge of about 918 meters in length was built to facilitate the crossing of vessels. This work began to be built in 1997, having been completed in 2003. It had a cost of approximately 500 million euros, being the largest maritime bridge in Europe.


3. Langkawi Skybridge (Malaysia)

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Considered the longest curved bridge in the world, Langkawi Skybridge, Malaysia, is only available for pedestrians, standing at more than 700 meters above sea level. In addition, it is distinguished by its pillars and cables, which give it a more modern style.

This work was totally built-in steel, having a dense support structure in its center, more than 80 meters high. In order to complete this project, prefabricated and fitted steel parts were used at the time of construction. This fact contributed to a large scale for the bridge to be built in just 12 months.


2. Sydney Harbour Bridge (Sydney)

World's Most Beautiful Bridges

This is a real open-air track. After all, it is 49 meters wide, which gives it the title of the widest bridge in the world. In addition to the type of construction that was done, it has 8 lanes for cars, two for trams, a bike path, and a pedestrian walkway.


1. Vasco da Gama Bridge (Portugal)

World's Most Beautiful Bridges

We could not fail to mention the Vasco da Gama Bridge among the World’s Most Beautiful Bridges. At 12.3 kilometers in length, it is the longest bridge in the European Union and the second-longest in Europe. Its construction began in February 1995, having ended in March 1998. It was inaugurated on March 29, 1998, and its name commemorates the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Vasco da Gama in India (which occurred in May 1498 ).

The bridge has a life expectancy of 120 years and represented a cost of 900 million euros.


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