What is a site preparer?

Construction today increasingly seeks to optimise resources and be as efficient, fast and economically viable as possible while maintaining high-quality standards. With increasingly demanding rules and characteristics, certification protocols seek well-being and quality for building users. These certifications, which are increasingly in demand regarding quality of life, also aim to protect our planet’s scarce resources. To this end, the construction industry strives to be more competent and meticulous in its work, with reasonable prior preparation, allowing it to minimise errors and solve possible challenges.

In this search for building excellence, one of the most important stages is the preparation of the work since it is now that the strategy is defined so that the work follows the idealised project and not vice versa.

It is, therefore, worth knowing the main functions of the site preparer, who has, for this reason, a great responsibility in this phase of the project.


Prepare all the compatibility work of the various specialities. This is an essential work of review and analysis so that it is possible to detect any inconsistencies or errors in the project;

Check all written and drawn documents to understand if there is any inconsistency between these parts, as well as to understand the proposed solutions and their specifications. This point is also crucial to understand how the proposal should be realised and how the strategy should be outlined;

Drawing up execution drawings and detailing the work, since in some circumstances, the execution project is not complete, some details are omitted or that, with the course of the work, are necessary to understand better how the work should be carried out;

Collaborate in the implantation of the construction site and the work, checking the implantation to understand if it is complying with the project, as well as assisting in all questions that may arise at this stage of the work;

Monitor the preparation and start of the work and certify its execution according to the preparation drawings;


Site Preparer

Confirm the project measurements and quantification of the necessary materials to realise if all quantities are correct or, if not, to be accounted for;

Plan and supply the materials needed to carry out the work, outlining the supply of the material in its different phases, as well as defining when a new subcontractor enters and the respective equipment necessary for its proper execution;

Prepare drawings throughout the work with all the changes and adjustments made. These drawings are used for final screens and technical compilation of the entire project, allowing a constantly updated version to exist.


Bearing these points in mind, and starting from a base of constant analysis and critical sense, the site preparer seeks to comply with the stipulated times for the execution of the project, minimise costs, anticipate possible problems, solve doubts more quickly, and provide all types of material necessary for the proper execution of the work.
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