Types of Sustainable Materials in Civil Construction

Sustainability in civil construction is an increasingly popular theme. The activity generates great impacts on the environment, from the moment of the production of the materials to the waste of work. The trend is to review techniques and encourage the use of sustainable construction materials.

Buildings, houses, or any other space, to be considered sustainable, must take into account some specific characteristics. One of them is the materials used in construction.

At Castro Group, we believe that sustainability is not just a trend, but a reality and a value that we always try to follow.

In today’s article, we will share some sustainable construction materials to use to preserve the environment, while guaranteeing the ideal thermal condition for your space


Ecological bricks

Produced from mixtures, it can be composed of sand, construction waste or sand, water, and cement. What makes this option sustainable is the manufacturing process. Unlike conventional bricks, when we use ecological bricks there is no use of an oven or wood burning: the brick is formed in a hydraulic press. In addition, this material is an excellent acoustic and thermal insulator and tends to be more resistant at the construction level.


Green roofs

Have you ever thought of having a garden instead of a roof? Whether for housing, hotel projects, commercial projects, or any other type, the green roof is a comfortable, useful, functional, sustainable option, with advantages in terms of thermal insulation. As plants tend to reflect more sunlight than regular tiles, they offer a good ally in thermal insulation. Having a garden on the roof is, therefore, a pleasant option that ends up helping a lot in the summer, since the grass always keeps the environment fresh.


Sustainable construction materials


Ecological coating with clay and fiber 

To coat the walls of your new construction, you should use the ecological coating based on clay and vegetable fibers. In addition to the interesting style for decoration, the application of a thick layer of fiber ends up improving the internal thermal comfort of the house or the space you want to build.


Solar panels

And finally, solar panels. Nowadays, it doesn’t make sense not to use the energy that the sun provides us for our benefit, and of course, for the benefit of the planet. Even if the installation seems more expensive than “traditional” electricity, do the math and consider providing a sustainable option for your construction project.

Solar System Roof Power Generation

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