Creative Ops

Offices - Matosinhos - 2020

We believe that the place where companies operate and develop their business reflects their culture and image. Based on our client’s values, we took some inspiration from people who would work day by day in this building, we created Creative Ops. With an interior studied in detail, taking into account the various activities that will be developed in it, we idealized a space capable of reconciling functionality with well-being and enhancing human interaction, motivation, and employee productivity.

Excellence and Commitment

One of our top concerns is to find the proper solutions fitted to the client’s needs when we start a new project. We always focus our work on it with excellence, rigor, and quality. Thus, on October (2019), the negotiations to acquire the field began and, after 2 months, we started the construction. With a highly efficient team and partners motivated to this project, after one year (October 2020), we completed the exterior work.

Excellence and Commitment
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