Auchan – Belamar Complex

Commercial and Services - Vila do Conde - 2022

At one of the main entrances to Vila do Conde, the Belamar Complexo will be born, a project that aims to improve the lives of everyone, whether residents or tourists. Castro Build was the Group company responsible for constructing the new Auchan, which will be part of this complex.

The new Belamar Complex gives a second life to the old cannery of the same name and brings new light and dynamism to this city. This new development stands out for its modularity in a building with a unique gesture, the fluidity of accesses and paths – which takes advantage of and values the slope of the land – and the symbiosis between architecture and nature. With the promotion of José Castro & Filhos, this new quarter aims to become an architectural symbol of the municipality. It will consist of an Auchan hypermarket, commercial spaces, a gym, a residential and service building, and a hotel.

A commercial space focused on the city

The new Auchan is part of a building with small complementary commercial spaces. With a total area of about 9000m2 and 356 covered parking spaces, this will be a new central square for the city's life.

A commercial space focused on the city
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