ALDI – Leça do Balio

Commercial - Leça do Balio - 2022

With a privileged location, served by a good road network and several public types of transport, the new ALDI store will be born in Leça do Balio and will serve a significant population.

Castro Capital Sicafi will be responsible for real estate development and management, and Castro Build for the construction of the new ALDI in Recarei – Leça do Balio. As this is a markedly residential and heavily industrialized area, its implementation will contribute to the improvement of the daily life of everyone who passes through this place.

It should also be noted that new projects are being announced for this area, which will further enhance the relevance of the construction of this commercial area.

A quick and simple shopping experience

The new ALDI, which has around 2000 square meters, 82 parking spaces and ten bicycles, follows the new store model, which seeks to develop more appealing and exciting areas so that customers feel more comfortable and oriented.

A quick and simple shopping experience
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