Inspiring offices: the importance of interior design in corporate spaces

If the interior design of a home is one of the most important aspects of our comfort and tranquility, the interior design of an office is able to promote the well-being and motivation of its employees throughout the day. Today, we share some tips that can transform a corporate space into a dream office.

The decoration, the interior design, and the way the office space is distributed can leverage the employee’s motivation, increase their productivity and even inspire and help the creative process. You may not believe it, but a more colorful and inviting office helps business progress and success.

The most productive offices are the result of balancing home comfort and a more corporate image. These are probably the two main tips to consider.

It is also important to know how to divide the available space by several areas, to distinguish places for tasks that require more concentration and others that may need flexibility and creativity. On the other hand, social and leisure areas inside the work buildings are also a trend in the most modern offices and a strong bet. Primavera Business Software Solutions or the multinational Farfetch are good examples.


Inspiring offices - Stairs


1- Make the company’s mission and vision visible to everyone


In this way, you will ensure that your team feels integrated with the objectives and the position of your business. Think about creating an overview of the company, not only for those who work there but for those who visit.


2- Integrate your brand colors


As soon as you start planning a new interior design for your office, the psychological effect of colors turns into a very relevant topic. When you go through this phase, choose a color system that is truly consistent with your brand and reflects what the business is. Colors are a key element when it comes to the good layout of a space. This tip will strengthen the connection of your employees exponentially.


Inspiring office


3- Natural light, plants and good energy


Have you ever imagined the impact of mixing natural light and plants? One way to preserve an environment of good energy is to use both elements in the interior design of your office. You can design an indoor garden or even use plants in all of your employees’ fixed workplaces. Taking care of a plant will always be a relaxing time for everyone.


4- Original relaxation spaces


And for the longest socializing moments of the day, think about organizing an original and fun space that is open to everyone. A simple football table can make all the difference at lunchtime to improve the relationships between coworkers.

An example of the good use of these interior design techniques in corporate environments comes to us through Farfetch (the office in Braga was conceived and implemented by Castro Group).


Inspiring office

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