How to invest in real estate in Portugal?

How to invest in Portugal? To start thinking about real estate investing, it is important to understand the trends in the real estate market and how the construction industry behaves.

For this, it is essential to develop solid and well-defined knowledge of the sector.

Real Estate

Before debating a little bit on how to invest in immovable in Portugal, we share some statistical data:

Real estate investment is, nowadays, a bigger reality than it was 10 years ago. Nowadays, the dependence on credit is less and we now have 100% of the houses being financed in this way to only 55%. This is because:

1) An increase in house construction;
2) The greatest ability to monetize them.

It seems obvious, perhaps, but it is a fact that there has been a greater increase in houses built than households, demonstrating that there is, nowadays, a greater focus on monetizing through tourism or long-term rental.

However, if there is this paradigm shift, does it mean that I should not invest? No!


Investing in real estate in Portugal is an option and should be seen as such. Should be seen as an investment with some security fee because:

  1. Profitability + valorization: You can monetize it while it increases in value over the years.
  2. Safe investment: If you have capital and knowledge of the real estate industry, then a real estate investment is a safe investment as there will always be demand.
  3. Passive income: If you are looking for an asset that gives you passive income, think about real estate investing. You can monetize it and deal only with maintenance.


If you are just looking for a space to live in, know that investment is the solution.

In addition to having access to a space customized by you, you will have an outstanding asset that will bring you long-term benefits.

If you want to know more about investing in Portugal, get in touch with us. We help build your dream.

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