How to choose the land for your construction project?

Who has never thought of building the home of their dreams? Well, building a house or business is a life goal, and choosing the land for your construction project may seem easy but, in fact, there are variants that you should consider before closing a deal. If you are thinking about building your property from scratch, then this article is for you!

The complexity of the procedures required, not only for the professionals responsible for the design of the house but also the documentation dependent on the local councils, make the construction of a property a slow process. However, in the end, it will surely compensate for the waiting time!

Construction project


How do choose the land for the construction of the project?

Before starting to think about its construction, it is important to first elaborate on a project suitable to adopt the morphology of the land where you intend to build. Why? Because it is essential to solving issues such as the number of floors, construction of rooms, semi-buried floors, etc.

After choosing, it is important to know how to distinguish which type of land is fixed: is it part of an allotment or is it governed by land-use plans?


If it is located in a subdivision:

  • It has infrastructures in the residential area: sidewalks, streets, sanitation lines, electricity, etc;
  • There must be a synthesis plan of the land;
  • Together with the plant, there must be a Building Regulation – construction limiting processes. For example conditions of floors to be built, impermeability of the land, type of covering to be used, and in certain cases, cladding and facades.


If the land is managed by land-use plans:

First: it is necessary to consult: Municipal Master Plan of the Municipality and its regulation; the general legislation through the General Regulation of Urban Buildings (RGEU) and also the Legal Regime of Urbanization and Building (RJUE).

It is possible that your municipality has an online Geographic Information System (GIS), where you can find most of the basic information in the search for regulatory restrictions.

Therefore, depending on the type of land you have chosen, it is essential to take these details into account before making the Deed or signing the Purchase and Sale Promise (CPCV) contract. If you use credit to buy the land, check with your bank first. This is because you will only be able to obtain financing upon the approval of the construction project by the City Council.

If you have not yet bought a piece of land, find out all the conditions beforehand! You can always buy with your own capital and, if you have not yet thought about the housing project, you can choose to buy land with a project already approved and that fits perfectly to your measurements.

If you are looking for land with the possibility of developing a project tailored to your needs, contact us. Castro Group has all the availability to guarantee a response to the challenge.

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