Castro Group supports Critical Techworks in opening its office in Braga

The office space in the Braga Business Center, part of the Castro Group portfolio, was selected because it meets the needs of Critical Techworks, which plans to hire 100 programmers in the city over the next 12 months.


Critical Techworks — a company owned by Critical Software and the BMW Group that develops software for the German brand — has opened its third office in Braga and reinforced its commitment to growing its presence in Portugal. According to Rui Cordeiro, CEO of Critical TechWorks, “The opening of this new office in Braga continues our positioning in the North region, where we already have a space in Porto that accommodates 1600 people. The city’s existing technological ecosystem was an important factor in us hosting our third office in Braga, as this location makes it easier for many employees who live north of Porto to travel.”

Castro Group, which operates in real estate development and construction, actively brought technology to Braga in partnership with JLL. “From the moment they signalled to us the need for Critical Techworks and set us the challenge, we were concerned with understanding the client’s main requirements and, from then on, we developed dedicated work to find the location that best met their requirements. We focused on the location and functional program and believe the new offices meet Critical Techworks’ expectations. Castro Group is proud to collaborate with a company that cultivates values focused on technology, sustainability and well-being”, says Paulo Castro, CEO of Castro Group.

With approximately 2 thousand square meters and located in a privileged area of the city, the technology company’s new offices have open space, several meeting rooms, entertainment and leisure areas, a pantry and a kitchen, all integrated into a modern concept capable of accommodating the expanding team.

Rui Cordeiro, CEO of Critical TechWorks, says, “the space meets the demands of the new generation of offices, offering important attributes in the work environment. Together with Castro Group, we found the ideal space that matches our organizational culture, is focused on inclusion and belonging, and can promote moments of interaction between employees.”

Critical Techworks arrives in Braga with the support of the Castro Group, cementing its position in a city that has welcomed a multitude of multinationals and taking on the role of talent incubator in engineering, technology, and science.

Critical Techworks


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