Castro Group joins Greater Porto at Expo Real 2022

Castro Group will join Greater Porto in the next edition of Expo Real, from October 4th to 6th, in Munich, Germany. The three municipalities of the Atlantic Front – Porto, Matosinhos and Vila Nova de Gaia, come together to present to visitors, in the “Greater Porto” stand, the real estate proposals of the municipalities and various companies.

In conversation with Paulo Castro, CEO of the Group, we had the opportunity to explore the motivation and expectations regarding our participation in this event.


Greater Porto

How important is it to be present in Greater Porto?


This is a unique and historic moment for the country and the northern region, for which many of us wished. Therefore, we applaud the initiative and do not hesitate to accept the challenge launched of joining the Castro Group to this alliance of these three cities as a way of uniting and strengthening forces, valuing and promoting this region, thus making an essential contribution to the promotion and appreciation of our country.

For Castro Group, which has projects across the country, being part of “A region of the Future” and being part of Greater Porto is having the opportunity to broaden horizons, share and acquire knowledge, expose our vision and values ​​and promote our projects, which will boost not only the economic fabric but also the urban and social ecosystem of this region.


What are the expectations for the event?


During three days, we will have an enriching experience in one of the most significant events in Europe and one of the biggest concentrations of professionals in this industry.

This investment ecosystem, where we will interact with investors, promoters and specialists in this market, will be a moment of excellence for the presentation and promotion of our projects, establishing new commercial relationships and a remarkable occasion for contact and sharing synergies with the various players.

Currently, when we talk about real estate and construction, we necessarily speak about green economy and ESG (environmental, social and governance practices), and at Castro Group, whose pillars are sustainability, innovation and technology, we look at this participation as an opportunity to deepen and acquire knowledge about the latest trends of the best in the sector.

Combining our expectations with the potential of Greater Porto, we are confident that Expo Real will be a strategic driver for the region and all participants.

What projects will you disclose in this edition of Expo Real?


The main objective of participation will be to promote the region, as we believe that together, we will be more robust, more attractive and competitive. At Castro Group, we are active in several real estate sectors, with commercial, logistical, office and residential investments. Therefore, in this edition of Expo Real, we saw an opportunity to promote some of the projects we are developing in the region.

Highlights will be SPARK Matosinhos, based on pillars such as rehabilitation, technology, community and connection, and FUSE VALLEY, which is born from a partnership with Farfetch and focuses on innovation, sustainability and well-being. We will also take advantage of this moment to make known the new residential development we are developing on the coastline in Vila Nova de Gaia.

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