Castro Group is part of the Serralves Founders’ Council

The Castro Group is now part of the Serralves Foundation’s Board of Founders.

With a performance that is based on values such as rigour, quality, excellence, social, cultural and artistic responsibility, environmental and human sustainability, the Castro Group now integrates, together with other renowned institutions and individuals, the Board of Founders of the Serralves Foundation.

On December 10, the Annual Meeting of the Board of Founders 2021 took place in Serralves, at which 22 new founders joined who will support the Foundation in its desire for permanent renewal and dynamism, including the Castro Group.

With this initiative, the Group continues its commitment to human development, talent and the appreciation of its people, access to culture, art and support for entities that promote knowledge and intellectual growth.

Serralves Foundation

The Board of Founders is composed of all the entities identified in art. 35 of the Foundation’s Statutes (Decree-Law 240-A/89, of 27 July), by the State and also by all those to whom the respective Board, on a proposal from the Board of Directors, by duly substantiated resolution and taken by an absolute majority , attribute this quality, taking into account the relevant services provided to the Serralves Foundation or the particular merits that compete in it.

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