Castro Group have now a WiredScore and SmartScore Accredited Professional.

Castro Group is now a WiredScore and SmartScore Accredited Professional (AP), two certifications promoted by WiredScore. This global organisation sets international standards for connectivity and technology in real estate.


The WiredScore certification recognises and promotes the best digitally connected buildings, including assessment criteria such as mobile connectivity and Wi-Fi, ensuring they have the best infrastructure for businesses and people.

The SmartScore certification recognises and promotes smart, technologically advanced buildings that provide exceptional experiences, boost cost efficiency, respect high sustainability standards and are fully prepared for the future. This includes intelligent building systems, cyber security and sustainability, among others.

Bruno Silva, Sustainability Manager at Castro Group’s Sustainability Department, completed this training and thus joins an international group of professionals seeking to develop projects with leading technology. This achievement reflects the Group’s ongoing commitment to designing buildings that promote user experience, state-of-the-art connectivity and more sustainable practices. “We are now better prepared to raise the industry standard and meet growing market demand while maintaining our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and innovation,” says Bruno Silva.

Accredited Professionals (APs), recognised worldwide as leaders in digital connectivity and intelligent technology, have in-depth knowledge of the standards required to obtain WiredScore or SmartScore certifications at any level. This allows them to add value at every stage of the certification process.

The Group’s projects, such as FUSE VALLEY and SPARK Matosinhos, are being designed from the ground up with very ambitious sustainability and technology objectives, and this achievement is another step forward on this path.

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