Castro Group has a BREEAM Advisor and a License Assessor Company

The Castro Group now has a BREEAM Advisor – International New Construction, and a License Assessor Company (Castro Build), one of the most recognized certifications internationally.


BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the first international assessment system developed by BRE (Building Research Establishment) in the United Kingdom in 1990, which allows us to measure the degree of environmental sustainability of buildings, flexible enough to apply to any type construction/sector. This system is currently one of the most renowned and widely spread internationally, with over 610,000 certified buildings in 102 countries.

Together with LEED and WELL certifications, BREEAM forms a comprehensive trio that assesses the sustainability of a building. It does so not just in terms of its environmental impact but also its social and economic dimensions. This integrated approach ensures that sustainable construction practices are not just a buzzword but a tangible reality.

Thus, BREEAM certification values environmental concern and seeks to bring social and economic benefits to all people involved in the life cycle of a property, as well as a greater appreciation of it in the market. This certification is further testimony to Castro Group’s commitment to sustainability and building a greener future for future generations.


Joana Magalhães, Head of Architecture at Castro Group, completed this training and thus joined a restricted group of professionals in Portugal.

“As an Architect, people’s quality of life in the present and the future is and will be, guaranteed by the commitment of each of us to add values of environmental, social and economic sustainability to what we build. Being a Breeam advisor and belonging to a company that takes this ideal as one of its pillars allows us to contribute more to building a better future where domestic, work and social spaces guarantee greater quality and happiness in all facets of people’s lives.”

This certification joins the LEED AP, WELL AP and Wiredscore and Smartscore AP certifications, which demonstrate in-depth knowledge of certification systems and Castro Group’s ability to actively participate in the certification process for green buildings and communities.
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