7 amazing beaches to discover in Portugal

Portugal is recognised for its historical, architectural, cultural and natural heritage, attracting thousands of tourists worldwide. In addition to this rich heritage, it is also known for its long coastline, magnificent beaches and long summer.

Portugal already has 352 beaches awarded with the Blue Flag and 214 considered Accessible Beach!

Discover seven incredible beaches to visit along the country’s coast, some considered among the most beautiful in Europe.


Camarido Beach (Caminha)


Located in the parish of Caminha and also known as Praia de Caminha or Praia da Foz do Minho, this white sand beach has already been elected by the English newspaper The Guardian as one of the best beaches in Europe.

At Camarido Beach, you will find the best nature in one landscape: sea and mountain. Surrounded by the Camarido Forest and bathed by an ocean with some swell, this beach allows the more adventurous to practice surfing, sailing and windsurfing, especially in the area closer to the river. Along the stretch of sand, you can also see on the horizon the majestic Ínsua Fort, built in the 15th century for a convent, and in the 17th and 18th centuries, it was the target of works that transformed it into a bastion of defence of the coast.


São Jacinto Beach (Aveiro)
Source: Togetherness


São Jacinto Beach, located on a peninsula next to the Barra Channel at the southern end of a long strip of land that separates the Ria de Aveiro from the sea, is a protected area where unique fauna and flora are preserved. With stunning natural landscapes, this beach has an extensive sandy beach marked by a unique dune system and is practically wild.

The quiet São Jacinto Beach, associated with the fishing village of the same name, offers excellent conditions for surfing, bird watching and long walks.


Ursa Beach (Sintra)

A remote beach with difficult access by a land track, Praia da Ursa rewards with a stunning and wild landscape. Located near Cabo da Roca, this beach is only 50 metres long, which makes it short on space during high tide, and owes its name to a huge rock that resembles a bear.

The Michelin Guide has already voted it as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but the demanding access by a steep path keeps this refuge practically untouched.


Comporta Beach (Comporta)
Source: Traveler


Situated at the southern end of the Troia Peninsula, it is part of the longest sandy beach in Europe, with more than 40 kilometres of extension, Comporta beach marks both for its extension and for its beauty with 624 hectares of white dunes, calm waters and surrounded by pine forests.

Also located within the limits of the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, this beach is a well-preserved natural space, allowing the famous horseback riding on the beach, exploring hiking trails through the pine forests or the neighbouring rice fields and bird watching. Known as the secret treasure of Europe, personalities such as Christian Louboutin, Jacques Granges, Anselm Kiefe and Madonna have made it their summer sanctuary.


Galapinhos Beach (Setúbal)
Source: New in Setúbal


Bathed by a turquoise sea and leaning against the green Serra da Arrábida, Praia dos Galapinhos, considered 2017 the best European beach, allows people to feel a genuine connection with nature.

With a calm sea and low waves, this beach has a long stretch of fine white sand. To get there, you must take a walk from the N379-1.


Vale do Lobo Beach (Algarve)

Villas Vale do Lobo

Vale do Lobo Beach, with a Blue flag and surrounded by the Vale do Lobo Resort, has as its trademark the ruby colours of the cliffs that contrast with the blue of the sea, the golden sand and the green mantle of the pine forest and golf courses.

With its long and narrow sandy beach, this beach allows you to take long walks and enjoy the wide range of services and activities in the surrounding area. Hugh Grant, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho are some celebrities who have visited Vale do Lobo.


Benagil Beach and Cave (Algarve)

Gruta Benagil

Known for the iconic Algar de Benagil, more than its beach are the sea caves that provide a breathtaking view. The only way to reach this paradise is by sea, boat, kayak, paddle stand-up, or swimming. Algar de Benagil is the hole in the cave’s roof, which can also be seen from above through a trail (but does not allow you to descend into the cave).

Benagil beach, on the other hand, appears at the bottom of a profound valley, next to the small fishing harbour, bathed by a crystal clear sea with an intense blue. From here, the excursion boats leave for the region’s caves.



These are just a few of the many incredible beaches that Portugal has to offer. Each region has its particularities, and each beach has unique characteristics. Exploring them is an unmissable experience for lovers of the sea and nature, especially in summer.
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