10 of the most beautiful swings to visit in Portugal

The holidays are just around the corner! A few days of rest to align thoughts and goals and nothing better than doing it in our country that has so many wonderful places and landscapes as far as the eye can see. It was precisely at the time when we were deprived of this “freedom”, due to the pandemic, that we began to appreciate the simple things in life, wanting to travel, walk more, and wanting to discover new places among hills and valleys, rivers and lakes. And why not make it “swing”? Swings are no longer just for kids.

The panoramic swings are being a hit! They enhance the surrounding scenic beauty and enliven the wonderful corners that exist in this enchanting country. The swing can be considered as a primary competence of architecture – it is said to be “architecture in action”! In an emotional way, swings remind us of a childish and idyllic imagination, where we can fly without disconnecting from the ground.

Recharge your energy and discover the most beautiful swings in the North of Portugal.


1. Baloiço do Mezio (Arcos de Valdevez)

Swings Portugal
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The Mezio Swing is over seven meters high and is considered the “largest rope swing in Portugal”. It was built at the gates of the Peneda-Gerês National Park on the top of Serra do Soajo about a year ago. With a panoramic view of the park, the nature that surrounds it is the main attraction of this structure made of wood and ropes, where you can walk around in Cachañas and Garanos.


2. Baloiço CerLove (Vila Nova de Cerveira)

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With the River Minho and Spain as backdrops, this swing located in the popular Miradouro do Cervo was inaugurated on July 2, 2020, and attracts hundreds of visitors, even motivating epic queues in the weeks following its opening! Entitled “CerLove” because it is located in the Parish Union of Cerveira and Love, it also allows the second interpretation in English: “Cerveira Love”.


3. Baloiço do Oural (Vila Verde)

Swings Portugal
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Placed on the highest peak of the municipality of Vila Verde, in Monte do Oural, this mega swing is about seven meters high and is considered one of the highest in the country, offering a panoramic view over the municipality, Serra do Gerês, and the ocean. Atlantic.


4. Baloiço de Esporões (Braga)

Swings Portugal
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With a prodigious view over hills and valleys and located at an altitude of 561m, on the Monte de Santa Marta das Cortiças, the Panoramic Swing of Esporões is the new tourist attraction in Braga. It is the Council’s first swing and was inaugurated on June 1st.


5. Baloiço 440 (Fafe)

Baloiços Panorâmicos
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Next to the Chapel of Santa Marinha in Freitas, Fafe, is located the 440 Swing dedicated to those in love because its hallmark is the heart carved in wood with the romantic phrase: “the love that unites us”! In fact, nothing was left to chance as the panoramic area is really very beautiful. Conditions were met to put Fafe on the map!


6. Baloiço do Meco (Trofa)

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The Meco Swing functions as a panoramic viewpoint overlooking the city Trofa and was erected in Meco War in Paradela Hill Recreation Association for Paradela. It is a place of passage for many bicycle lovers and one of the highest points in the county. This swing promises breathtaking views!


7. Baloiço da Boneca (Penafiel)

Swings Portugal Douro
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A wooden structure, a rope, and a seat; all of this in a gigantic dimension, at an elevated point where the landscape is perfect and the recipe for success has been achieved: the Boneca’s Swing suspended over the valley of the Douro River where you can let your imagination soar.


8. Baloiço de São Gens (Castelo de Paiva)

Baloiços de Portugal
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The new Castelo de Paiva tourist attraction is called the Swing S. Gens situated on the hill that gives it its name in Santa Maria de Sardoura precisely the opposite bank to Swing doll. This is another magical swing to fly over the Douro River.


9. Baloiço Nossa Senhora da Luz (Marco de Canaveses)

Swings Portugal
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With a surprising view of the Douro Valley, the Nossa Senhora da Luz Swing was erected by the local community of the parish and parish, in Parque do Divino Salvador, about 15 km from the center of Marco de Canaveses. If this park already had fabulous views, the swing became an added reason for the place to receive visitors.


10. Baloiço do Miradouro de São Caetano (Chaves)

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It is the first swing in Chaves and Alto Tâmega and is accompanied by a small leisure park. The swing at the Miradouro de São Caetano was inaugurated in May this year and is already attracting visitors.
In fact, getting to know some of these options is an excellent getaway to do alone, as a couple or as a family, because, after all, whether we are kids or adults, there is nothing like having memories of happy moments!


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